126 Tigers in India Died in 2021, Worst in a Decade
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126 Tigers in India Died in 2021, Worst in a Decade

As per the record of the National Tiger Conservation Authority, 126 tigers died in 2021. The top tiger conservation body of India has recorded that the number of Tigers death has been increased this year and the tally reaches 126. According to the sources and data compiled by the Tiger conservation authority, the previous highest death was reported in 2016 when about 121 big cats have died.

India is home to about 75% of the world’s big cats. Two years back, the Modi-led government has announced that the number of these tigers has increased to 2967 in the year 2018 from 1411 recorded in 2006. This new number was considered historic by Narendra Modi.

Reasons of Death of Big Cats

There are various reasons behind declining of these numbers of big cats. Some of them are mentioned below. Read all the points carefully:

  • 1.Poaching of Tigers
  • 2.Human-Tiger conflicts
  • 3.Natural issues
  • 4.Encroachment of humans in tiger-habitats

Note: According to the news and government reports, about 225 people were killed in the attacks of these big cats between the years 2014 and 2019.  

Government is Planning to Increase Tiger Population Better

According to the sources, about 50% of tiger habitats across the nation have been reserved for animals only. Efforts are made to conserve these unique species for future generations. The top-notched ministry and department for the animals and forest conversation are has established a leadership role that will be the benchmark for saving these big cats in the country.  


Tiger conservation is the need of today in order to save these precious animals that is our national animal too. As per the report of NTCA, about 126 cats die in 2021 only in India. Our country is home to about 75% of the world’s tigers.  NTCA or National Tiger Conservation Authority has made some efforts to save big cats for future generations.

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