A book titled “Unshackling India” by Ajay Chhibber and Salman Anees Soz
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A book titled “Unshackling India” by Ajay Chhibber and Salman Anees Soz

The book titled “Unshackling India: Hard Truths and Clear Choices for Economic Revival” is written by two authors Ajay Chhibber and Salman Anees Soz. It is a new book that examines how India can use the next 25 years, when it will reach the hundredth year of independence, to not only restructure its economy but rejuvenate its democratic energy and unshackle its potential to become a genuinely developed economy by 2047. 

During Covid-19, India has cost many lives and livelihoods; not only this it also exposed major structural weaknesses in the economy. The country had faced a huge farm, job crisis, rising inequalities, investment growth & chronic banking sector challenges. It has also revealed the disadvantages of the Indian state. Now, climate change is no longer a threat.

 The book contends that India can foster a wealthy and inclusive economy if it sets its mind to it, acknowledges the hard truths, and lays out clear choices and India should adopt new ideas towards that end.

About the Authors

Ajay Chibber is a Scholar at the Institute of International Economic Policy, George Washington University, and a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council. He was also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the National Institute for Public Finance and Policy and In 2013-14, he became India’s first Director-General of Independent Evaluation with the status of Minister of State. Then he was UN Assistant Secretary-General, Assistant Administrator at UNDP in 2008-13. He was honored with the David Rajaram Prize as the best all-rounder at St. Stephens College, New Delhi.

The book’s other author Salman Anees Soz is an author,  economic development consultant & commentator. He served as a consultant to multiple World Bank teams and was previously a consultant at the Asian Development Bank. He has shared his knowledge of politics, economics, and international affairs at universities. He has a master’s degree in business administration from Yale University, a master’s degree in economics from Northeastern University, and a BA (Hons.) in economics from St. Stephen’s College.

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