What is Caste-Based Census & Why Nitish Kumar Demanding It?
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What is Caste-Based Census & Why Nitish Kumar Demanding It?

In front of the gathering of the all-party Bihar designation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on standing-based enumeration Monday, the state BJP is an isolated house. While a few BJP pioneers are against the position registration, a couple of the OBC heads of the party have supported it. 

“Both rank registration and a law on populace control are vital. The command to do it lies with the Center. It is acceptable that CM Nitish Kumar and PM Modi will meet on the issue”, Bihar BJP minister Ram Surat Rai told the media. 

In the interim, BJP MP Ram Kripal Yadav said the party “has been in front of others with regards to defending the privileges of OBCs,” alluding to the OBC share in clinical schools. 

Nitish Kumar and partner BJP 

CM Nitish Kumar last week declared that he has looked for a meeting with PM Modi on 23 August to examine the issue of position-based registration. He indicated that heads of the partner BJP, the party which has so far gone against statistical interest, will be important for the appointment; however, the BJP pioneers stayed quiet. 

In any case, the saffron party on Saturday proposed that it was available to remember its individuals for the designation. 

“The CM is doing the assignment, and we will incorporate our part assuming he needs to. It is acceptable that PM Modi has assembled the conference. It will welcome clarity on the stand taken by the Center and the state on the issue,” said BJP representative Prem Ranjan Patel. 

As indicated by BJP sources, serving Janak Ram will be essential for the 11-part appointment driven by Nitish. Different individuals incorporate RJD pioneers and the head of resistance in the state get-together, Tejashwi Yadav. 

The arrangement to lead an all-party appointment was mooted during a gathering between Nitish, Tejashwi, and other state pioneers on 30 July. 

The BJP skirted the gathering, yet state party president Sanjay Jaiswal additionally said that the position study would put social pressure. 

In the interim, BJP lawmakers Sanjay Paswan and Haribhushan Thakur Bachaol said monetary backwardness and no position ought to be the rules for directing a registration.

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